100 Students – 100 Days – 10 Films: Seeing the World Through Different Eyes

The audience

The audience

The screening of the 2013 Manitoba Storybook had everything that’s great about the movies: fantastic films, a sold-out crowd, and of course, lots of popcorn! On June 13, 2013 moviegoers had the opportunity to meet the students involved in the project and celebrate compelling storytelling from Manitoba’s young filmmakers.

For the young filmmakers, the screening was the crowning achievement of a year’s worth of work. For many of the project’s participants, this was their first experience in film-making. Freeze Frame helped train a selected group of students into documentary film crews. Empowered with media literacy skills, a curious spirit, and a camera, these students explored another student’s “world.”

“I had a blast! It was the best experience of my life!” -James Hiebert

Over the course of the last school year, ten schools from the WSD1 School Division paired with one another, creating documentaries about their partnered school and/or community. Through the series of workshops, meetings and visits, young filmmakers increased their understanding and compassion for one another, and truly see the world through the eyes of someone else. According to Jim Sanders, artistic director of Freeze Frame, the goal of the program is to promote filmmaking and learn about each others cultures, “the project harnesses the power of video and digital media to help young people see beyond divisions created by distance or perceptions about culture, with the aim of building a more tolerant, compassionate and peaceful world.”

Jorge Requena, our MC for the evening.

Jorge Requena, our MC for the evening.

The screening was described as a success; many members of the audience described the event as a rewarding experience. “Daughter loved the experience” says a Mother of one of the project’s participants “she really benefited from the project- working with other cultures was eyeopening for her.” It was evident that both students and teachers appreciated the guidance of James Hiebert, local filmmaker and musician. “I had a blast! It was the best experience of my life!” says James Hiebert

“…the aim of [the project] is to build a more tolerant, compassionate and peaceful world” -Jim Sanders

This year was the second edition of the project. If you are interested in participating in the 2013-2014 edition of Manitoba Storybook please contact the Freeze Frame office at 204-949-9355 or email logistics@freezeframeonline.org.

We will be posting the 2012-13 videos on the Manitoba Storybook website in the coming days.



2012-2013 Participating schools:

Hugh John Macdonald School
General Wolfe School
Argyle Alternative High School
Children of the Earth High School
R.B. Russell Vocational High School
David Livingstone School
Gordon Bell High School
Sargent Park School
Niji Mahkwa School
William Whyte School

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