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Why use film, video, and media
as educational tools in the classroom?

Media studies is a cross-curricular subject. Curriculum connections can be made with just about every subject area (i.e., social studies, visual arts, physical education and health, mathematics, history, and science). Using different media production tools in the classroom can help young people deepen and refine their understanding of a complicated subject or idea.

Our hands-on workshops use the language of media arts (film, video, animation, etc.) to help children and young people to understand and discover different techniques, but they also offer a way for youth to share their experiences and demonstrate their understanding and knowledge gained about a particular topic.

Through our annual international film festival and media production workshops delivered throughout the year, Freeze Frame offers young people the opportunity to explore all forms of media (film, video, television, advertisement, online content, and video games) through active consumption – encouraging a dialogue about the power of media to stimulate our senses and spur our imagination. We also help youth tell their own stories by teaching them different film and video techniques.

Youth Video Contests

For kids and youth who are already busy making videos our Youth Video Contest offers them the chance to see their video on big screen and to compete for awards and great prizes.

Youth Jury

The Youth Jury Contest is a call to youth ages 11 to 16 to put their critical writing skills to the test. By submitting a short movie or video critique to Freeze Frame, they become eligible to be a member of the Freeze Frame Festival Youth Jury.

Year Round Workshops

Freeze Frame offers a variety of workshops for children and youth of all ages. For more information about our workshops, please visit our Workshops page.


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