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What is the Youth Jury?

The Youth Jury is a Freeze Frame program aiming to encourage critical appreciation of films among young people. This is a perfect program for young people interested in film and video, journalism and writing. Because of the more mature content of many of this year’s films, we are raising the suggested ages to 11 – 16.

What does the Youth Jury Do?

As a jury member, you see great films from around the world and decide which ones should be awarded Freeze Frame’s Youth Jury Prize for Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, and the National Film Board Youth Jury Prize for Best Animated Short.

All jury members participate in a film criticism workshop and are invited to the Freeze Frame Festival opening and closing ceremonies, and special festival events. Jury members also receive a Festival pass for themselves and a guest.

Because jury members must watch all the films to be able to vote on them, it requires a big time commitment during the festival. The viewing schedule may require that you miss some days or half days at school. To avoid time conflicts, please consider your other activities and obligations between March 4 – 11 2018 before you apply. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Why be on the Youth Jury?

It’s important to sample a variety of styles of storytelling, and to learn how to notice what you feel and think about them, to find out what appeals to you. You will have the opportunity to meet our visiting film directors, participate in media and film critiquing workshops, and be called on as a spokesperson for Freeze Frame.

Youth Jury Contest Form 2018

Please note: if you are having trouble downloading the pdf, contact the Freeze Frame office: 204-949-9355

Deadline: February 5th, 2018

Some tips to help you with your entry form:

  1. Think of one scene from a movie that sticks in your mind. How does that scene make you feel?
  2. Describe the scene – what colours do you see, what sounds do you hear, what kind of lighting is used, and where are the actors?  Ask yourself why the filmmaker made those choices.  What does this tell you about the world the director has created in the movie?
  3. Try to write a catchy first paragraph – something that grabs a reader’s attention or arouses their curiosity or makes them laugh. Journalists call this a ‘hook’, and it makes the reader want to keep reading.
  4. Don’t be afraid to have strong opinions about a movie – just be sure you can support your views with clear reasons why the film is terrible or terrific.
  5. Don’t spend too much time telling the story. A reader doesn’t want to know everything that happens – they want some surprises at the theatre.

How are Jury Members selected?

Jury members will be selected based on writing skills, creativity, and the ability to think critically about movies, television, video, and online media.

* Please note that some hours will be required during the school day to view films during the Festival. Encourage your principal, teachers, or other homeschoolers to visit our website and register other students for workshops and films.

Past Festival Award Winners



Youth Jury Award for Best Feature: 
Shana: The Wolf’s Music

Audience Award for Best Feature Film: 

Audience Award for Best Short Programme / Meilleur programme de courts-métrages
Animated Fun from the Baltic Countries / Animation Balte pour rire

Audience Award for Best Documentary / Meilleur documentaire


National Film Board Youth Jury Award for Best Animated Short: 
Poppety in the Fall (L’automne de pougne), Directed by Pierre-Luc Granjon & Antoine Lanciaux.

Youth Jury Award for Best Feature: 
The Last Island (La última isla), Directed by Marleen Gorris

Audience Award for Best Feature Film: 
Zarafa, Directed by Rémi Bezançon & Jean-Christophe Lie


Youth Jury Award for Best Feature Film: 
Red Zora (Die Rote Zora), Directed by Peter Kahane

National Film Board Youth Jury Award for Best Animated Short: 
The Necktie (Le Noeud Cravate), Directed by Jean-François Lévesque

Youth Jury Award for Best Short: 
Max Minsky and Me (Max Minsky und ich), Directed by Anna Justice

Audience Award for Best Feature Film: 
Crusade: A March Through Time, Directed by Ben Sombogaart


Youth Jury Award for Best Feature Film (tie): 
HOP! (directed by Domique Standaert) & Misa Mi (directed by Linus Torrell)

National Film Board Youth Jury Award for Best Animated Short: 
Two Winters, directed by Carol Geddes

Audience Award for Best Feature Film: 
My Brother is a Dog, directed by Peter Timm


Youth Jury Award for Best Feature Film:
Elina, Directed by Klaus Härö

National Film Board Youth Jury Award for Best Animated Short:
Hello, Directed by Jonathan Nix

Audience Award for favourite animated short:  
The Old Man and The Sea, Directed by John Helde

CBC Audience Award for Best Feature Film:
Elina, Directed by Klaus Härö

UNICEF Award for Feature or Documentary that best upholds the Convention on the Rights of the Child:
Directed by Klaus Härö



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