Laban, the Little Ghost (Ages 4+)

Sweden, 1966 (French with live translation) 47 min.
Directors: Lasse Persson, Per Ahlin, Alicia Jaworski   Classification: tba / Ages: 4+

The Swedish classic turns 50 this year!

These six stories about a little ghost who’s afraid of the dark are suitable for children four years and older.

Laban Can’t Scare Anyone

Laban the little ghost has trouble being scary.

But Where is Labolina?

Laban’s little sister has vanished.

The Visit

A visitor comes to the castle. She doesn’t believe in ghosts.

A Real Monster

Laban and the prince read a book about a real monster.

Millimina Can’t Be Found!

Laban’s sister is upset. Her favorite doll can’t be found.

Santa Claus

Christmas is coming to the castle.

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