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Lots to see and do at Freeze Frame’s International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages, March 5 to 12, 2017.

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Here’s a sneak peek at upcoming films at Freeze Frame 2017:

At Eye Level / Auf Augenhöhe

Germany, 2016 (German with English Subtitles) 98 mins.

Michael, an 11 year old orphan, lives in a children’s home and has to fight every day to win the respect of the other kids. Then one day, he finds out who his father is and writes him a letter. His dad, Tom, happens to be a midget and is even shorter than Michael, but he wants to accept the challenge of fatherhood, even though he knew nothing about Michael until now. For Michael, Tom’s handicap is a disaster, as it’s, the opposite of the manliness and strength he envisioned his father to have. As time passes, they discover they have more in common than other sons and fathers and they form an unlikely bond, until their relationship is suddenly put to the hardest of tests…

Long Way North

Canada, 2016 (English) 80 mins.

This beautifully animated adventure tells the story of 15-year-old Russian aristocrat Sasha, who, when her explorer grandfather mysteriously goes missing on his latest expedition, embarks on an epic adventure to find him and his lost ship, the Davai.
Stunningly rendered in traditional hand-drawn 2D animation, the film is the directorial debut from lauded animator Rémi Chayé, and was co-produced by French studio Sacrebleu Productions and acclaimed Danish animation company Norlum (SONG OF THE SEA).

That Mennonite Joke

Canada, 2015 (English)  mins.

What is a Mennonite? A stiff, humorless, efficient farmer who prefers to live without electricity. At least that’s the stereotype. But Mennonites are also funny. No seriously, like really funny. Spread out across the country is a surprisingly large group of Mennonites, who specialize and capitalize on humor and who don’t ride horse and buggy.

Matt Falk is a comedian from Niverville Manitoba… His act is an offbeat concoction of self-deprecating humor and boyish charm. Matt is on a quest to craft the most hilarious act in history and to do that, he must go on a comedic walkabout through his heritage.

Beneath the droll flatlands of the Manitoba prairies lies a treasure trove of humor and culture, and Matt will attempt to uncover it. In doing so, can he finally bridge the gap between Mennos and Non-Mennos? Join Matt as he attempts to unlock the secret world of Mennonite humor.

Graffiti Stories

Canada, 2014 (English) 30 mins.

“Graffiti Stories” is a colourful, vibrant and active documentary highlighting young people in the urban arts from hip hop dance, rapping, and graffiti art. Focusing on four young, potentially “at-risk” youth that find legitimacy in their art form. At the center of this urban art trifecta, in one of the most culturally diverse places in Canada, is where Winnipeg’s Graffiti Art Programming makes a splash.

Hosted by Nigerian Born, Winnipeg Rap legend (Magnum KI, ALFA) and notorious radio host (CBC, Up to Speed) Ismaila Alfa, our four focal subjects are transplants to Winnipeg from the Philippines, Nicaragua and Northern Manitoba. Through their eyes, we see these young people take charge of their own destiny through urban art, as they embrace their cultural identities.

How to Steal a Dog

 South Korea, 2014 (Korean with English subtitles) 109 mins.

Ji-so is a 10-year old living with her mom and a little brother, Ji-suk, in a pizza truck. With her dad out of contact after their pizza truck business went bankrupt and her mom lacking a sense of reality, Ji-so and her friend, Chae-rang, decide to get a house on their own. They naively believe five thousand dollars can buy a house and Ji-so finds a missing dog poster with a five thousand dollar reward. Now, their scheme is to find a rich dog, steal it and then return it back to its owner by pretending to have found it. But every perfect plan, no matter how well executed, is bound to run into some unexpected mishaps along the way. Will Ji-so, Chae-rang, and unexpectedly smart Ji-suk succeed in carrying out sneaky dog-stealing plot?

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