Freeze Frame On The Road

Can’t make it to the Festival? We can bring the Festival to YOU! Freeze Frame On The Road is the best way for rural and northern Manitoba schools and communities to access our Festival film and workshop programs.

First: Our facilitators work closely with your classroom on a media art project of your choice.

Then: watch a film offered at our annual festival. Throughout the year, Freeze Frame staff pay close attention to the great films for younger audiences being produced all over the world. Manitobans are then given a very special opportunity to watch a selection at our festival or through our Freeze Frame on the Road program.

Finally: an evening screening is planned for the entire community! First we screen the projects worked on during our workshops: Film or Animated videos, then everyone gets the chance to see one of the films featured at our Festival.

For more information, please contact Freeze Frame.

In Brief:

Available workshops: Film Screenings, Workshops

Length: Half-day (3 hour) or Full-day (6 hour)

Availability: Dependent on scheduling

Preparation: Viewing screen & video projector (Freeze Frame can provide the necessary equipment, this should be discussed on a case by case basis).

Cost: Contact the office for pricing details.

Artists in the Schools

The Artists in the Schools Program aims to support existing arts education programs in Manitoba schools by bringing together the unique vision and energy of artists with the creative potential of students and teachers. This is achieved through short term (one week) and long term (two to 10 weeks) residencies, integrated in the schools daily schedule.

Who may apply? Any school (Grades K-12) in the Manitoba Education and Training listing. However, school divisions, adult learning organizations, after-school programs, nursery schools and community groups are not eligible.

How can I apply? Guidelines and Application Forms are downloadable from the Manitoba Arts Council Website. Freeze Frame works with you to assemble the project and the grant application.

For more information, please contact Freeze Frame.

In Brief:

Available workshops:  Animation or Video Production

Duration:   One or two week of residencies

Deadline:  May 15, 2014

Cost:  See the AIS Website for subsidy details

Summer Workshops

For community centres and daycares in Winnipeg and the surrounding area, Discovery Workshops in animation, pixilation and video production are a fun way to get kids and young people inspired. Freeze Frame facilitators come to you with equipment, and encourage kids to create their own stories and then share them with video. Whether trying something new, just learning, or looking for a challenge, we offer a wide variety of workshops suited for young people from 4 to 18 years.

For more information, please contact Freeze Frame.

In Brief:

Available workshops: Animation, Pixilation & Video Production

Length: Half-day (3 hour) or Full-day (6 hour)

Availability: Early July to the end of August

Cost: Please contact the Freeze Frame office

After School Leaders Program

Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities (CYO), with its partner organizations, launched the first session of the After School Leaders (ASL) program in March 2012.  The program was created to assist children and youth living in under served neighbourhoods, who may experience multiple barriers to reaching their full potential. ASL offers students ages 14-18 the opportunity to explore career options and identify an area that taps their potential and passion within the content areas of arts, science, technology, sports and communication.

The Manitoba Storybook After School Leaders Project engaged youth, ages 14-16, in community dialogue about social issues and will assist them in developing marketable job skills. Apprentices developed appreciation and understanding of the art and technique of digital filmmaking. This 10 week youth-led artistic program empowered youth to take charge of their personal development and their development as members of society. Youth took an active, hands-on role in all stages of production, created documentary videos that explored issues in their communities, and will share them on the Manitoba Storybook website.

For more information, please contact Freeze Frame.

In Brief:

Availability of workshops: please contact Freeze Frame for start date and eligibility details

Duration: 10 weeks, Tuesdays to Thursdays 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Manitoba Storybook

Manitoba Storybook uses the art of documentary, media production, and the power of personal stories to bring young Manitobans from northern, rural, suburban and inner city communities together. The inaugural year partnered eight schools from throughout Manitoba. Each school selected a small group of students who where formed, trained and learned media literacy skills as a documentary crew. Empowered with their new skills the “crews” traveled to their twinned communities and created documentaries about their exchange experience.

The 2012 edition of Manitoba Storybook involved 10 schools from Winnipeg’s inner city. These 10 schools were paired with each other and through a series of workshops and exchanges created 10 amazing short documentaries about each other.

Freeze Frame created The Manitoba Storybook to empower youth and to celebrate the diversity of stories that make up who we are as Manitobans. The project harnesses the power of video, and digital media to help young people see beyond divisions created by distance or perceptions about culture, with the aim of building a more tolerant, compassionate and peaceful world- Jim Sanders, Freeze Frame Artistic Director

For more information, please contact Freeze Frame.

In Brief:

Cost: Dependent on funding

Duration: Longer term


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