Freeze Frame workshops come under three broad categories.

1) Animation Workshops (Ages 6-18)

Animation workshops focus on the creation of an animated film using plasticine*, paper, miscellaneous objects, or a pixilation technique. Students will participate in story development exercises, including imagining a story, drawing, storyboarding and creating characters.

* Supply your own plasticine / clay, or Freeze Frame can bring it for $1.50 / participant.


Who: students in grades 2 to 12

What: animation workshops

  • claymation
  • pixilation
  • junkmation
  • paper cut-out

Where: at your school
When: throughout the school year

Half-day Workshops
(2-3 hrs) $200$200$200

Students will create a character and animate it, and see their short animation on screen.

The goal: To learn the basics of animation and be inspired to be creative.

Full-day Workshops
(4-6 hrs) $400

Students will engage in aspects of scriptwriting, storyboarding, character and backdrop creation, animation and some editing.

The goal: To build storytelling, writing and technical skills, and to be able to create other animations at home or in school.

Multi-day Workshops*
(4+ days)

Students will gain a deeper understanding of all filmmaking processes. Freeze Frame can offer workshops that range in intensity and length to suit your classroom and/or curriculum needs.

2) Video Production (Ages 10-18)

This dynamic workshop allows students to explore and learn the visual language of documentaries, feature films and music video as well as different formats and camera techniques. Students will experiment with video cameras while promoting technical and organizational skills. A Video Production workshop can be tailored to your needs and subject matter, though we find students work best when having creative control of their subject matter.

Documentary in a Day (6 hrs) $400

Students will work with a local professional and learn how to research, script, direct and ask the tough questions needed to make a good documentary. Students will then be ready to go out on the field and start their journey.(Please take note, they’re will be no finished documentary filmed in one day.
This workshop is a learning session and not a production one.)

Film in a Day (6 hrs) $400

Students will work with original story development, storyboard creation and character development. They will also get special instruction on how to use technical equipment (cameras, tripods, etc.) for shooting, and editing.

Specialty Workshop:
‘Our Stories’ with Orlando Braun
$200 or 400

Get your students to talk about their stories! Freeze Frame is pleased to present two special workshop options with local filmmaker, Orlando Braun (Prairieboy Productions).

3) Media Literacy (Ages 12-18)

Thinking Critically about Movies and Media (3 hrs) $200

Learn how to think critically about movies, TV and the world of media. Learn to decipher what is watched and how to empower your students in the process.

Filmmaker connection (3 hrs) $200

Have a filmmaker come to your class to discuss their work, the industry and all that is relevant to getting into the film business.

Many thanks to the Winnipeg Foundation for their generous support!


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